March 21 – 23


About Event

The development of this unique meeting started with one simple concept: How can we support the upstream information management community to show the importance and real business value of data improvement strategies?

Through over 50 in-depth conversations with operators in and around Houston, we identified the most critical information management and analytic challenges that need to be addressed right now and searched for leading thinkers in the industry that are helping to solve them.

For the 2017 meeting, these include:

  1. Getting the little data right: Optimizing data quality across the value chain so it’s standardized, clean, consistent, relevant and optimizes business decision-making
  2. Breaking down data silos to enable better integration and sharing across the business
  3. Developing a stronger data governance culture and ownership
  4. More effective data visualization and advanced analytics
  5. Showing the return on investment and value of information-as-an-asset to secure buy-in from management and end users

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Hanson Wade has many years of experience hosting niche strategic and technical meetings in the oil and gas sector in Houston. Unlike many other event organizers, we’re proud to have stuck with the sector through thick and thin and to ensure the content of our meetings are structured to support the sector in a lower-for-longer energy pricing environment.

Hanson Wade events are unique because:

  • We are operator-led. We don’t have a product or service to sell. For us a good event is one where you take away practical and immediately implementable insights.
  • We dig deep into very specific challenges. Don’t expect to walk away from the event with hundreds of business cards, most of which you will never look at again. Instead, expect to meet a few dozen peers who are working on exactly the same challenges you are.
  • We are interactive. Through speed networking and ice breaker activities to round-table and panel discussions, we encourage participation from all attendees. This is not two days of sitting at the back of the room and listening. This is two days of open and honest conversations designed to drive the industry forward.

Information Management & Analytics Upstream 2017 is dedicated to help you take away actionable strategies for improving the value of information in your business, in the context of cost cutting and showing ROI.

If these are the challenges keeping you up at night, then I look forward to joining you in Houston in March.