March 21 – 23


Day One
Wednesday March 22 2017

Day Two
Thursday March 23 2017

Optimizing Data Quality across the Value Chain

Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Mark Reynolds Senior Solutions Architect Technical E&P Applications, Southwestern Energy

Keynote Presentation: Incrementalism vs Digital Darwinism in Information Management & Analytics

  • Trond Ellefsen Special Advisor Strategy and Former CIO, Statoil North America


The oil and gas sector is lagging behind other industries with the pace of digital adoption. Operators are missing a huge opportunity to drive real cost savings and operational gains. This session will kick off the conference through taking a big picture strategic look at future strategies for driving business value in a data-centric world.

  • Incrementalism or shaking things up? Cost effectively driving better value from your resources through data and analytics roadmaps that enables business-critical analytics
  • Gap analysis to build on the ‘digital foundations and plumbing’
  • Open data vs proprietary data to provide a solid foundation for information architecture that runs across different functional silos
  • Building relationships between structured and unstructured information from different sources through Machine Learning and other technologies
  • Showing the return on investment from data-driven decision making

Data Management in the Era of Data Lakes, Hadoop & Self-Serve Analytics

  • Ken Dunn Senior Enterprise Architect – Information and Data, BP


  • Exploring how data management must change with the times: Challenges in the new big data world and relating these back to the DAMA data wheel
  • Changing the implementation and focus even though the fundamentals are the same as ever
  • Understanding the importance of keeping a good catalog of your Hadoop as well as traditional data and tooling options available to help with this area
  • Establishing processes to convert one-off analytic successes into a sustainable institutionalized value stream

Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

Life at a “60-Year Old Start-Up”: Re-Thinking Data Architecture to Simplify & Standardize

  • Travis Osborne IT Director Information Management, Apache Corporation
  • Mark Ritch IT Manager of Analytics, Apache Corporation


  • Alignment of industry changes, new organizational priorities, and IT activity focus
  • Standardize definitions and resources available to users then simplify the environment to speed time to market and reduce costs
  • Employ data utilities to enhance value from analytics
  • What we are learning that every day that start-ups already know

Assessing the actual value of cost savings to the industry of standardized and trusted data


  • How can improved data quality and standards increase the productive time of Information Managers and end users of data?
  • Supporting the transfer of structured and unstructured text and binary data in the heterogeneous oil environment
  • Delivering real cost savings and increased efficiency in the current downturn
  • Energistics’ suite of standards for drilling, production, and earth model data sets
  • How standards adoption creates Business Value for individual companies and for the industry as a whole

Lunch & Networking

Developing a Stronger Data Governance Culture & Ownership of Data

Moving on from Information-As-An-Asset: How Do You Practically Embed Data Ownership across the Business?

  • Chris Bradley Inaugural Fellow DAMA-I and Former Data Strategist, BP


  • ‘Data’ now as ‘Health & Safety’ was 10 years ago. Engendering responsibility for better data across the business
  • Showing the value of trusted data to business units and management through a focus on their KPIs, the ultimate ROI and promoting business-side data stewardship
  • Aligning consistent data across assets and regional teams
  • The balance of clean data to get analytics, or delivering the tool first to make it compelling for management and show the competitive advantage possibilities from better analytics
  • Initiatives to promote better skills in the data management field

Panel Discussion: Perspectives on Data Governance, Managing & Computing With “Big Data” from Other Industries & Government

  • Donald (Rick) McMullen Associate Director, HPRC, Texas A&M University
  • Chris Bradley Inaugural Fellow DAMA-I and Former Data Strategist, BP
  • Ankit Lodha Analytics Operations Lead in Clinical Systems and Analytical Reporting, Amgen


  • Overcoming economic and governance issues for in-house department-level computing and data management, centralization, and outsourcing to cloud services
  • Enabling better decision-making across assets through remote operating centers, centralized vs decentralized data, better access to real-time operational information
  • Securing buy-in and a culture of ownership from end-users for the new normal of data use
  • Examples from the public sector: e.g. USDA, NIH, e-government and other industries: Pharma, Healthcare, Agriculture, and Manufacturing

Afternoon Refreshments

Embedding culture of data ownership and uptake from end users in a data-centric world

  • Pilar Coral Reserves Process and Analytics Lead, California Resources Corporation


  • Incentivizing data stewards and custodians to own and drive the data quality journey: Securing buy–in to continuous quality improvements
  • Driving support for better information and analytics uptake through the business-side engineering team assessing and promoting capabilities
  • Promoting ownership across the value chain and ensuring job functions within operations have right access to that data
  • Establishing governance around quality to ensure data stewards oversee critical data and data types that are important to core processes
  • Aligning data governance to culture of the company: Centralized versus decentralized

Panel Discussion: Bridging the Gap between the Business Side, Information Management & IT to Communicate Shared Knowledge

  • Chris Josefy Manager, Business Solutions, EP Energy
  • Pilar Coral Reserves Process and Analytics Lead, California Resources Corporation
  • Chaimie Riley Executive Director of Marketing, Houston Energy Data Science


  • Data management, analytics and information systems working together to promote a
    unified data governance approach that drives value across the business
  • Securing confidence in data from management and information users by showing the
    data truly represents what’s going on in the field
  • The evolving role of data science and empowering data scientists on the fundamentals of
    petrotechnics and petrotechnical engineers on emerging tools such as machine learning
    to more closely align skillsets
  • Where does the role of IT fit on the information management journey?
  • Running lean and mean: Opportunities and threats from the impact of the current staffing crunch on role overlaps
  • Using production success as a feedback loop to determine future data prioritization

Chair’s Summary and Close of Day One